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" reports on US Open of Utah"
June 27, 2016

Ryan MacDermid led the way at the start of the Rotax Junior Final as a mêlée in Turn 2 saw fourth-place starter Matthew Latifi pointing in the wrong direction. Nick Brueckner, Manuel Sulaiman and Jacob Gulick raced hard for second allowing MacDermid to pull away at first before the group settled down and utilized the draft to close back in on the leader. Sulaiman disposed of Brueckner just past halfway to take second place as while at the same time Dylan Tavella was charging forward, moving past Hannah Greenemeier for fourth. Brueckner continued to fall down the order as the laps wound down with a flat tire ending his chances at a podium.

Continuing to hit his marks, MacDermid maintained a gap of five kart lengths until two laps to go when Sulaiman dived to the inside of corner 11 and grabbed the lead. MacDermid tried to counter the move on the exit and the two made contact, spinning MacDermid into the dirt, moving Tavella to the lead in the process and allowing Greenemeier and Mathias Ramirez to grab second and third.

Just after seeing the white flag, Greenemier tucked to the inside of Tavella in Corner 1 and took the lead but only for a second as she ran wide and Ramirez slid by both and into P1. Holding on through the final lap, Ramirez scored the win just ahead of Tavella and Greenemeier and with it Ramirez vaulted to the championship lead and secured his position on Team USA for the Rotax Grand Finals. 

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