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" reports on US Rotax Grand Nationals"
August 6, 2016

Running last in the days order, Rotax Junior was a firework show just awaiting the match. At the drop of the green flag, the match was lit and turn one was all carnage, collecting many drivers.

When the dust settled, Aidan Keel was leading Dylan Tavella while off-pole starter Michael d’Orlando had fallen to sixth.

D’Orlando worked back up to third by lap five as Keel and Tavella traded the lead. A small error by Keel on a 13, dropping a wheel in corner one, not only opened the gap to Tavella, it allowed d’Orlando to sneak by in the process and from there it was down to two.

Tavella hit his marks while d’Orlando did all he could to close in on the leader, but came up short as Tavella claimed his third US Rotax National title.

His first as Junior, he called it the greatest moment of his life so far. He will join Team USA for the first time at the Rotax Grand Finals.

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Dylan Tavella

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